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Underfloor Heating Prices


Underfloor Heating Prices That Will Simply Impress

While underfloor heating systems seem to be growing in popularity in South Africa, more people are becoming aware at just how affordable these systems are. Underfloor heating prices will probably surprise you in that they are more cost-effective than expected. When approaching leaders in the field for the supply and installation of such units, you are guaranteed to be presented with a variety of affordable options to choose from.

When it comes to finding the most cost-effective underfloor heating prices for you, take the time to consider the various types of systems available on the market to choose from – as each of these will come with their own price tag attached. The three main systems used in South Africa include the hydronic system which makes use of pipes pumped through with heated water beneath the floor’s surface, electric cable system which makes use of a 240 volt power source to create heat, and the low voltage system which heats the floor beneath the surface with a 24 volt AC or DC current.

floor heatingWhen trying to decide which the most cost-effective options for you are, take the time to chat to the professionals in the field as you are going to want to install a system that is best suited to the type of flooring surface you have in your home. You will find that the installation of such a floor heating system is fairly quick and you can designate certain areas to be controlled separately, so that you do not need to heat the entire house at once. This will help you to save on money and avoid heating rooms that are not in use.

At Comfy Floor Heating we strive to ensure that each of our clients is provided with access to a range of floor heating systems that are durable and offer exceptional value for money.

The fact of the matter is that keeping warm this winter does not need to cost you a fortune. All you need to do is approach the right team for assistance, and everything including the installation and subsequent maintenance and repairs thereof will be handled professionally for you, at a cost-effective rate.

For the best underfloor heating prices on the market and a value added service that simply won’t let you down, be in touch with us at Comfy Floor Heating. We will turn the icy chills of winter in a non event for you this year and for many years to come.


  Our Warranty  

All Under Tile Heating elements are installed with a 10 year warranty as of the date of installation.

All Under Carpet Heating elements are installed with a 5 year replacement warranty as of the date of installation.

All Laminated Timber systems are installed with a 10 year warranty as of date of installation.

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